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Presentation of the company

Company Identification :

Name : A2i Didact

Trademark : ASTRIANE et ASTRIANE Didact

Legal form : S.A.S.

Capital : 100 000 €

SIRET : 792 068 272

CODE APE : 2899 B

President : Jean Christophe MARTIN

General manager : Philippe AVRIL

locations :
Manosque, France : head office and operational site
Sao Paulo, Brésil : commercial representation for Latin America
Casablanca, Maroc : commercial representation in Morocco

In short...

ASTRIANE Didact has been involved for over 35 years in numerous educational projects for technological and professional training.

The company produces technical units intended for industrial and tertiary sectors, for training levels 3 to 5 (according to UNESCO classification).

ASTRIANE Didact bases the success of its main achievements on its industrial expertise in the search for innovative, robust and safe solutions.

Our job

Expertise at the service of integrated projects

  • Engineering:
    Our team of qualified engineers and technicians is at your disposal to design and manage projects.She works in particular with Solidworks®, PackElec®, Magic Draw®, Virtual Universe® and the programming suites of industrial PLCs from Schneider Electric and Siemens.             
  • Manufacturing
    ASTRIANE has its own means of production to ensure the manufacture, integration and development of its equipment.             

Our main outlets, by area of training

  • Industrial maintenance,
  • Management of production lines,
  • Electricity professions and connected environments,
  • Digital systems,
  • Industrial science and technology,
  • Automation, regulation and servo technologies,
  • Energy engineering and renewable energies,
  • ...



The company ASTRIANE Didact was created in March 2013 from the acquisition of the assets of the manosquin company ASTRIANE Didact, of which it has retained the commercial name.

The latter has been a major player in the French educational industry for over 30 years. Its specific manufacturing dates back precisely to 1984, when the first "ERICC" robots were introduced in the automation workshops of high schools and engineering schools.

The company's activity has since extended to the design and production of tools for technological and professional training.

Associating in its development industrial skills in robotics, automation, mechanics, ... ASTRIANE Didact now produces equipment and teaching sets appreciated for their educational relevance and their quality.

This strength is also implemented through advice and after-sales service, essential support for the equipment in our ranges.

For several years, ASTRIANE Didact has also based its development on a partnership relationship and intensive discussions with its customers. It thus successfully responds to increasingly specific specifications.